Hi there! I'm Javi. Ever since I can remember, I've had a deep-seated passion for building software and using it to help people. My mission is to craft simple, elegant, and impactful products with the hope of making a positive difference in the world. If you are interested in knowing me, don't hesitate and reach me at hello@soyjavi.com or +66 0610482727.


MIRAI Feb, 2022 | Present
Senior Javascript Engineer
#javascript, #react, #nodejs
I work as a frontend lead helping and training the rest of the frontend team with advanced and maintainable techniques for all react projects.
LOOKIERO TECH Nov, 2019 | Dec, 2021
Senior Javascript Engineer
#javascript, #typescript, #react, #native, #nodejs
I have worked in this great company as a member of the platform team. My main responsibility has been to create part of the frontend technology which the rest of the teams must use to develop the product.
MINUBE Feb, 2018 | Sep, 2019
Senior Javascript Engineer
#javascript, #go, #react, #native, #nodejs
I worked as frontend leader of the minube development team, one of the applications with the most awards in the Play Store. My responsibility is to restructure the project using the latest JavaScript-based techniques and tools.
SOHOBASE Oct, 2016 | Jan, 2018
Head JavaScript Developer
#javascript, #go, #react, #nodejs
I was part of this decentralized studio as Head Developer. The team was formed by specialists in Blockchain technology and most of our projects were oriented to the fintech world.
MEDIASMART Jun, 2015 | Nov, 2017
Head of Frontend Enginnering
#javascript, #go, #react, #nodejs
I was the frontend leader of this promising company. In the 2 years that I was working with them, I designed and built all the technology for the new product from scratch. I also had the responsibility of rethinking the UX / UI that our clients needed.
BILLIN Oct, 2016 | Jun, 2017
Tech advisor
#javascript, #react, #nodejs, #mongodb, #redis
I helped this startup to achieve its objectives, defining both the technological architecture and the UX within its product.
TAPQUO Nov, 2011 | May, 2015
Founder & CTO
#javascript, #python, #mongodb, #redis
I founded this small startup focused on creating web products using Open Standards. My main objective was to form an expert team that helped our clients achieve their objectives. We also created tons of opensource tools to share with the entire community.
IRONHACK Sep, 2012 | Oct, 2014
#javascript, #html5
I was one of the first teachers of this reputed academy for developers. My specialty was JavaScript as well as all the new concepts that HTML5 brings to the world of web development.
DEUSTO UNIVERSITY Sep, 2012 | Oct, 2014
#javascript, #html5
I was part of the faculty for one of their university master's degrees. The course I taught was primarily based on JavaScript, as well as all the new concepts that HTML5 brings to the world of web development.
IBERMATICA May, 2006 | Nov, 2011
Senior Developer
#c#, #java, #c++, #javascript, #wpf, #oracle
Worked for 5 years in this big Spanish company, where I created solutions with technologies such as C++, Java or WPF. In the middle of my carreer there I was promoted for be part of the Research Department starting to create web solutions with JavaScript.
STAPLES Jun, 2001 | May, 2006
Junior Developer
#c++, #visualbasic, #abap, #sqlserver
My career started in this great company, I had the opportunity to work with a great team. I really enjoyed my days there, where discovered my big passion software for internet.


GITHUB Apr, 2011 | Present
Open Source
#javascript, #typescript, #python, #go, #c++
I deeply believe that Open Source helps humanity to be and make better. For more than 1 decade I have shared all my projects freely, where many of them have had a great reception collecting more than 25k stars on github.
UDEMY Oct, 2019
Course: Aprende Blockchain
#videocourse, #blockchain, #bitcoin, #javascript
I am totally convinced that Blockchain technology is here to stay. In 2019 I decided to create my first video course explaining the internals of this innovative technology. Today this course has more than 3000 students throughout the world.
LEANPUB Jan, 2016
Book: Descubre React
#book, #react, #javascript
More than 6 years ago I was able to write this book explaining the capabilities of this technology, which at that time was not well known. Even I'm very proud and thankfull for those thousands of readers who trusted my way of educating.
LEANPUB Dec, 2013
Book: CoffeeScript
#book, #coffeescript
Almost a decade ago I wrote this book on one of my trips to Asia. At the time CoffeeScript was a good tool for structuring and coding large web projects. I was satisfied to explain to more than 4500 readers the virtues that this metalanguage had.